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subu m.p.
2008.8.5 at 10:05:28

1 Day Stopover Luggage Solution

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I am landing at 12:15noon and returning next day 4pm.

I will be going out and reaching back by 5pm. Can I check-in for the next day flight (since it is between 24 hours)? Singapore allows that.
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I'm not sure about doing that at the airport, but you may be able to do that at the city check-in at the Airport Express Hong Kong station or Kowloon station - at least I know one can do so with Cathay Pacific. In addition, you may be able to do that online.

Sorry can't be more specific.
Have a nice trip!

Yeah, I got two cartons and don't know how to carry...that is why taking a cab and rushing to airport seems best so that would be able to use airport facility. Basically, not able to carry luggage to the underground station without a trolley.
It sounds like the main reason for wanting to check in for the next flight right after you land is the bulky luggage which you don't need in HK. Maybe

try check those through to your next destination rather than picking them up in HK.

But for your info, if you take the Airport Express, you can use the trolleys all the way up to the doors of the train itself, and then when the train arrives in the city, there're trolleys you can use at the train doors as well to take your luggage to the taxi stand. I suppose you can take the trolley to the city checkin counter as well.

Yet another alternative if the rest don't work: there're storage lockers and also a place for you to store luggage for a fee. Fees for lockers for the first 4 hrs: small and large - HK$20, jumbo - HK$30. For any 12 hrs thereafter: small and large - HK$30, jumbo - HK$40. (See this page.)

Have a good trip!

You are amazing!!!!!

Thanks a lot.

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