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Jen Tagarda
2008.3.20 at 12:35:24

A 6-Day Itinerary

Things I like about this website:
Very informative... simple yet concise! thank you so much for making this website.
Comments / Questions:
hi there! My family are planning to go to HK come April 17-22, 2008. I was hoping you could help us out with our iterinary. we wish to visit Disneyland, ocean park, victoria's peak, lady's market and side trip to Macau. What's the cheapest yet fastest way to go to Macau? a few hours there will do. What would you recommend, as to what we will visit first? i really want to plan out our schedule for HK to maximize the time there. thank you so much and am looking forward for your reply. by the way, my i know your name? :)

Jen from Phils.
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Since you did not supply specific information about your flights (i.e. arrival and departure times), I can only give you some rough ideas.

These are the places that you want to go:
1. Disneyland
2. Ocean Park
3. Victoria Peak
4. Ladies' Market
5. Macau

Since you have just 5 nights here, and at most you probably have just half a day on the first and last days, you really have just 4 full days.

Since you put Disneyland on the top of your list, I assume that it is more important to your family, so you should spare a good part of a day there, making sure that you will catch the two main popular events - the parade and the fireworks. So you should go there for lunch and stay till the fireworks are over (assuming that they still have daily fireworks in the evening).

The Ocean Park is also a place that you should spare a good part of the day for. So I would say go there in the morning (according to their website, they are open 10am - 6pm) and stay till mid afternoon. Your family will probably be a bit tired after that. Go back to the hotel for a bit of rest if time allows. Then go for an evening excursion.

There're two evening excursions: the Victoria Peak and the Ladies Market. You will probably have time for just one each evening (unless you don't like to shop, in which case Ladies Market will just be a 30 minute walk!) You can do one in the Ocean Park evening and one on the first evening you arrive - if you arrive during the day.

The typical way of going to Macau is by hydrofoil. I would suggest not going on the weekend to avoid the crowds because some people from HK tend to do that. If you want to just go and look around, I would suggest going in the morning and come back some time after lunch, giving you still plenty of time to do stuff in HK - since HK shops tend to open at 11am or later and stay open till 9pm or later.

As for choosing which day to do what, you should first find out the ticket availability of Disneyland and Ocean Park because that may be the determining factor - weekend prices at Disneyland is also a bit higher.

Have a great trip!

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