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2007.7.27 at 03:08:13

Film Contacts

Hey there mate, Charlie from Calgary Alberta...just a question if you don't mind...Me and a friend of mine are a couple of filmmakers looking to take a trip to Hong Kong for 2 months or so...We know that the film industry in Hong Kong is huge, and would like very much to learn more about it, and possibly make some contacts while there. We are looking at returning and possibly shooting a film witin the city, and surrounding areas. Do you know of anyone, or any place we might be able to go to talk with people who can give us alittle insite into the workings of the Hong Kong Film Industry? or who could put us intouch with someone who does. Any help on this matter would be great..also..we are planning on taking some Chinese language courses before we leave...but certainly will not master it in such short time...will be able to communicate fine with just our english...what percent of Chinese in Hong Kong are bilinqual? Thanks mate..hope to hear from you soon.
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Thanks for your message.

I would say your best bet is the Trade Development Council (a government body whose job is to promote trade with Hong Kong) and the Film Services Office (another government thing whose aim is to promote HK film industry).

Here are their websites: or lang=en&w_sid=194&w_pid=753&w_nid=10776&w_cid=5&w_idt=1900-01-01

Btw, actually the HK film industry has been struggling in recent years perhaps due to all the pirated VCDs.

Most of the younger generation in HK (50 and below) have studied English. So you will have no problem especially if you will be dealing with ppl in the film industry. Just don't talk too fast! As for the percentage of bilingual ppl in HK, it is hard to say since it is all relative.

Have a great trip!
p.s. If your real name is Steven Spielberg, I want a part in your movie!

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