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Joey Basha
2008.4.1 at 12:18:38

Room for a month

Things I like about this website:
Well laid-out, informative and makes me VERY excited to move!
Comments / Questions:

Your site is amazing and I'm so happy to have found it - I'm a Canadian student of Sinology and I will be moving there this summer. My main problem is with securing accommodations before I move - I am looking for something below 6000 a month, without massive deposits. I will of course look for a room mate, but my problem is the first month - do you have any suggestions for CHEAP serviced apartments? I dont mind where I live, as long as I can commute to HKU in the mornings. And I dont care how small because I already live in a dorm!

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I did a little search on line and found some info that seems to be from HKU:

A few comments on some of the options in it:
Caritas Hostel (Caine Road) - quite close to HKU
Caritas Hostel (Kennedy Town) - probably not far from HKU
Hong Kong Y.W.C.A. Building - quite close to HKU

In addition, the OSA of HKU has more info:

Hope this helps,

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