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hk.NOSH - restaurant reviews
hk [hông' kông'] n. 1. a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, formerly a British Crown Colony 2. also known as a foodie's heaven
nosh [nösh] Slang ~ n. 1. food or a meal ~ vb 2. to eat.
hk.NOSH - introduction | restaurants | private kitchens | cheap eats
hknosh @ yahoo.com

Introduction (or where I insert all my caveats)

How did this all begin? I think it started as an attempt to keep a record of the various private kitchens I’ve tried. (Private kitchens for those not yet in the know are secret, unlicensed restaurants whose whereabouts are known largely through word-of-mouth.) Then in the midst of writing, the urge to memorialise some of my favourite Hong Kong eating places took over and the list inflated to include restaurants and hole-in-the-walls.

As a result, you might notice a difference in reviewing practice in the different sections. The reviews in the restaurant and cheap eats sections are all favourable ones as they are a gathering of places I love. The reviews in the private kitchen sections are however rather more mixed as I’ve recorded my impressions as I’ve collected each private kitchen under my belt. How can I explain this discrepancy? Hmmm…. I can’t really but you’ve been warned that some sifting will be required with the private kitchen section.

As I put these reviews in the public domain, I also feel the need to explain a bit of my food philosophy and other personal quirks. I’m a fan of gutsy, down-home food. I can appreciate the refined but it doesn’t quite grab me as simple fare cooked lovingly does. I thus tend to favour places that are knowledgeable and down-to-earth in their approach to food. Fancy fusion cuisine doesn’t cut much ice with me unless they are put together with intelligence and great sureness of hand, something that doesn’t happen too often in my humble opinion. So there, I’ve declared my bias, now onto the other idiosyncracies…

  1. Some of the price ranges listed in the restaurant section may be on the low side as I’m pretty much teetotal. If you’re one for the wines, do be aware that the prices will then drift upwards. This also means I have little to say about wine lists. Yes, I will never be the complete food reviewer this way, which is why I’m not quitting my day job.

  2. Apologies for the lack of proper addresses for some of the establishments. I’ve listed information on private kitchens as precisely as possible but for some of the places in the restaurant and cheap eats sections, I simply list the street and the general district. Well, this list did start as a personal thing, which is why I was pretty slack with details. I’ll try and update this as I go along if I can.

  3. I admit my weakness for good design, so occasionally you will find me going into raptures (or not) about the look of an eating place at the expense somewhat of the food. Ermm… what can I say? Sorry?

And finally, some advice on private kitchens:

  • Do book in advance. Most places require a minimum of 3 days advance booking though some of the more popular kitchens will require more advanced planning (sometimes bookings made more than a week ahead), especially if you are aiming for a weekend dinner.
  • It’s usually cash only, so leave the credit cards at home.
  • Most kitchens will sell a limited assortment of drinks at extra cost. Some are BYOB and depending on the establishment, corkage will vary. I’d advise checking with the private kitchen when you make your booking.
  • There is no service charge levied at private kitchens and tipping is not usually expected. But as I usually find service at private kitchens excellent, I am more than happy to leave something behind. It seems only right, especially after a particularly memorable private kitchen experience.
 Happy eating!

hk.NOSH - introduction | restaurants | private kitchens | cheap eats
hknosh @ yahoo.com

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