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Victoria Peak The top attraction in Hong Kong (updated with new photos) more
Victoria Harbor at night Decorated by a cruise liner, eastern Victoria Harbor is beautiful. more
Top 5 things
to do
The page has been revamped more
The New Star Ferry Pier A new version of the old Star Ferry Pier. more
Moving to Hong Kong Page updated. Added: driver's license, electrical products, cell phones. more
Bamboo scaffolding workers Bamboo scaffolding workers at work disassembling a set outside a building. more
Quarry Bay Some jelly fish for your aquarium? Quarry Bay has more than that. more
Percival Street Tram and signs more
Hong Kong Stadium Venue of the Rugby Sevens and many other events. more
Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance A different kind of dragon dance held annually. more
Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter More photos added. more
Terminal 2 There is a new Terminal 2 at the Hong Kong airport. At this point very few airlines are using it, but just give it time! (2007.3.12)
Standard Chartered Marathon Held in the morning of Mar 4, 2007, there will be interruptions to traffic. In fact over 100 bus routes will be affected. So beware! The best bet for getting to or from the airport is probably the Airport Express.
Sai Yeung Choi Street The "grand central junction" of neon signs and consumer electronics stores. more
Chinese New Year The most widely celebrated holiday in Hong Kong more
Discovery Bay A quiet residential development with limited fuel-powered vehicles more
housing Housing in Hong Kong (updated) more
Mai Po A bird sanctuary more
wild life Wild life found in Hong Kong more
Lamma Island (updated) The island to go for some nature and seafood. more
Christmas Christmas in Hong Kong more

Typhoons (updated) more

Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter See fishing boats in the Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter more
6-Hour Tour A sample 6-hour DIY tour of Hong Kong more
North Point North Point, a district with an interesting building more
12-Hour Tour A sample 12-hour DIY tour of Hong Kong more
Old Star Ferry Pier & Clock Tower History disappears fast in Hong Kong more
Hong Kong harbor A brief description.more
apm mall apm - a shopping mall with some new features more
skyscrapers Some notable skyscrapers in Hong Kong more
Cyberport A quiet spot with no lines at restaurants more
moving to Hong Kong Information on relocating to Hong Kong. more
Bruce Lee statue Want a picture with the martial arts master? more
Ap Liu Street A flea market and an electronics shopping center rolled into one. more
Causeway Bay Food Street A small strip of restaurants with somewhat of an open feel in the busy Causeway Bay district. more
Tsim Sha Tsui A main tourist district. See Hong Kong Island skyline, shop, visit museums, ride the Star Ferry,... more...
Victoria Harbor cruise Take in one of the most breathtaking harbor view in a ferry, and watch a laser show at the same time! more...
pet shops Hong Kong may not have Sam's or Wal-Mart, when it comes to pet shops, there are streets known for having many of them. more...
Cheung Chau Page updated with more photos and comments. more...
Shangri-La A brief review. more...
Chinese dessert Smooth and rich, steamed egg custard and steamed milk custard are among the favorites for the locals when it comes to desserts. more...
Causeway Bay Marina Luxury yachts and Chinese junks in the middle of Hong Kong!
harbor view hotels In many other travel locations, the best hotel rooms you get may have a pool view or sea view. In Hong Kong you can have harbor view! more...
Causeway Bay A big photo of Causway Bay at the main crossroads. more...
CityShapes Six new photos in the new photo gallery, including a spectaular view of the Hong Kong Island skyline ... more...
CityShapes New photos in the new photo gallery.. .more...
CityShapes A new Hong Kong photo gallery... more... 20
AsiaWorld-Expo A new exhibition center located near the airport. more... 20
End Product Delivery You'll see what I mean! more... 2006.4.30
Quarry Bay Park A park by the waterfront in the eastern end of Hong Kong Island. more... 2006.4.30
Key Info Page Key information for your trip to Hong Kong - packing, airlines, accommodations, top sights... more...
Ching Ming festival A time to pay respects to those who have passed beyond. more...
bamboo scaffoldings Bamboo scaffoldings are used in renovations and constructions often, like putting up a neon sign or repainting of the outside wall of a skyscraper. more...
fish head
dim sum
A local favorite! more...
Outlying Island Ferry Piers Just took a nice picture of the ferry pier at night and thought I would put it up. more...
Western Market

A century-old maret building converted to a shopping center. more...

Silvermine Beach Looking for a tucked away place to stay? Check this out! more...
Hang Hau A fairly new residential development in Tseung Kwan O area. more...
Dragon Boat Festival Dragon boat racing and dumpling eating. more...
mahjong A favorite passtime for many locals. more...
Cantonese opera Something not too often seen live especially with performers in full costume, but you can still see it. more...
pets Bringing your pet to live with you in Hong Kong? more...
golf driving range Like to swing a few without having to chase the little white ball or travel an hour just to get there? more...
Mid-Autumn festival A great time of children playing with Chinese lanterns en mass. [ MORE ]
bean curd gelatin Commonly known as "tofu fa" in Hong Kong, it is a popular dessert, and if you are visiting Lamma Island, there is a good place to try it.
[ MORE ]
worm veg? Just something else found in my soup... [ MORE ]
"Reaching from beneath" Don't freek out if you see this in your soup... [ MORE ]
"little eggs" waffles A local favorite widely available at street-side food stalls. Crunchy outside and soft inside ... [ MORE ]
Souvenir and gift ideas Save shopping time by knowing ahead of time what you can get as gifts and souvenirs. [ MORE ]
Happy Valley An area popular for two things: horse racing, residences. [ MORE ]
top 10 sights Top 10 sights to see [ MORE ]
Victoria Harbor One of Hong Kong's priced assets. [ MORE ]
Local Colors Interesting tidbits visitors may find interesting. [ MORE ]
Areas A new section started on this website to link to descriptions of the different areas in Hong Kong. [ MORE ]
shoesmith A diminishing trade not too often seen any more. [ MORE ]
flower market Flowers, plants, pots, you name it, they have it! [ MORE ]
dim-sum restaurants Lunch at a dim sum restaurant is one thing you must not miss when visiting Hong Kong! [ MORE ]
Disneyland It may not be that big, but it still has the magic! [ MORE ]
Geocaching Geocaches stashed in Hong Kong (geocaching is a game involving the use of a GPS to locate objects hidden by others and also to leave one for the next person). [new item in link section]
Tea Restaurants "Cha chaan tang" - the local version of cafes, they are everywhere.
Chinese Herbal Medicine An herbalist doctor can tell you what's wrong with you just by feeling your pulse? [ more ]
Pawn Shops They certainly look different from other shops! [ more ]
Thousand-year Eggs A new page to tell you more about them! [ more ]
Hong Kong Central Library Quite new in Hong Kong is the Central Library located in Causeway Bay. [ more ]
Shatin Racecourse It is the newer one of the two horse racing courses in Hong Kong.
[ more ]
What to do on Lamma Island Lamma Island is getting very popular even among the locals. Here is a suggested itenierary for a day on Lamma Island.
What to do on Victoria Peak Voted the most popular sight in Hong Kong, here are a few things to do there.
Po Lam District Tseung Kwan O is one of the newly developed residential areas. Po Lam is where the MTR line terminates.
Standard Chartered Marathon This annual event since 1997 has attracted literally tens of thousands of participants. [ MORE ]
Plover Cove The Plover Cove is the largest reservior in Hong Kong. If you are a shutter bug, definitely a place to kill some film - or digital memory.
Photo Gallery The photo gallery had a much needed face-lift and update.
Restaurant Reviews Written by WG, someone into good food, the restaurant review column (titled hk.NOSH) gives you some ideas on where to treat your taste buds.
Tips for Travelers How to get some sleep on the plane in the cattle class. Seats to avoid, etc. click here
Lamma Island Page on Lamma Island updated with new pictures.
Mid-Level Escalators Built for the convenience of residents in the "Mid-Levels", the escalators have become a tourist attraction.
Screensaver Download a free screensaver of Hong Kong scenes found in this website (for Windows only).
Wan Chai Street Market A typical street market where the locals shop.
Roof-Top Lunch Party Roof-tops are a luxuary in Hong Kong. Here are some people enjoying their roof top.
Food section enhanced Wondering what dishes you should order at a Catonese restaurant in Hong Kong? Read up on it!
Open-top Buses Going to the Victoria Peak? Ride the open top buses to the Peak Tram station!
Hong Kong Park Amidst the downtown business buildings, Hong Kong Park is a nice place to get away.
Big Photos Here are some big photos : Parklane (Nathan Road), statute on Parklane, Ocean Terminal, & Victoria Harbor.
Chinese New Year 2004
Video Clips
Flower market on Chinese New Year's Eve - Chinese New Year is the holiday of the year for people in Hong Kong. It is a time for family to get together. Kids are especially excited about it because they get to wear new clothes plus recieving pocket money from married adults in terms of red packets! Before the new year, there are "flower markets" in many locations in the city. Taking a stroll there is the thing to do especially on new year's eve. If you want to see major crowds, it is a gauranteed satisfaction!
More Video Clips! Christmas in Central District - This year there are lots of decorations in the Central District on Hong Kong Island. You can even pay for a message to be displayed on the Christmas tree. Great way to "pop the question" or just to surprise a friend!
Video Clips! Airport Express - the first streaming video clip introduced is that of the Airport Express train platform at the airport. More clips will be introduced as we go.
Beware of Stairs Beware - stairs in HK can be hazardous!
Pacific Place Photos Shopping - Pacific Place photos.
Bathrooms Not "here here", but a page on bathrooms in Hong Kong.
If you had visited before, you would notice that a major renovation has been done on this website recently. Hopefully it is easier to navigate and also has better design.
new on this website | new in Hong Kong
Nov 25, 2009 Buy a Christmas tree from your neighborhood supermarket (their name starts with W). They're taking orders till Dec 5.
Oct 17, 2008 Tai Lin, a 62-year-old consumer electronics store, liquidates.
July 5, 2007 The Bird Park in Mongkok has reopened after some major cleaning.
July 1, 2007 The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor is now open, linking the northwestern part of Hong Kong with the Shekou area of Shenzhen, China. To get there, you can take a bus at Yuen Long station of KCR West Rail.
June 16, 2007 The Bird Park will be closed for a few days for cleaning due to the H5N1 bird flu virus found in a shop.
June 12, 2007 The Ngong Ping 360 cable car has been suspended indefinitely after a serious accident in which one of the cars fell and crashed. Fortunately no one was hurt since it was during a test run.
Mar 3, 2007 Held in the morning of Mar 4, 2007, the Standard Chartered Marathon will cause interruptions to traffic. In fact over 100 bus routes will be affected. So beware! The best bet for getting to or from the airport is probably the Airport Express.
Nov 12, 2006 The 5 decade old Star Ferry pier in Central district has been retired, replaced by a new one next to all the outlying island ferry piers.
Aug 2006 If you are a donut lover, you would want to know that Krispy Kreme is now in Hong Kong! (see http://www.krispykreme.com.hk)
Jul 25, 2006 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines is the newest airline based in Hong Kong. According to them they will offer budget air travel to Europe and USA for a start. Operations will start in October 2006. (see http://www.oasis-air.com)
Jun 19, 2006 A major mayhem is averted when the bus-driver union and the bus companies reached an agreement on wage increase.
May 20, 2006 The Hong Kong Wetland Park is now open.
Mar 16, 2006 Nowadays the longest running multi-media show across the Victoria Harbour is a nightly event! more...
Feb 7, 2006 The 2006 Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon will be held on Feb 12. [ MORE ]
Sept 12, 2005 The new Walt Disney theme park is open.
Oct 23, 2004 The KCR train route has been extended from Hung Hom to Tsim Sha Tsui.
Aug 8, 2004 According to information from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the daily light and laser show will end on Aug 31, but there are now three show times daily.
Feb 14, 2004 Nowadays, there is a daily light, fireworks, and laser show that can be viewed from many different locations. The best location, however, is on Kowloon side on the waterfront. It starts at 8pm and lasts about 20 minutes.
Dec 20, 2003 Another new subway line opens! This one will connect those living in the northwest part of the New Territories to the rest of civilization!
June 9, 2003 The U.S. Center for Disease Control removed the travel advisory on Hong Kong. In general a lot fewer people wear masks around now since the new SARS infections seem to be confined in hospitals and have been below 5 cases a day for a while.
May 8, 2003 Hong Kong made world news recently with its SARS outbreak. But the numbers have come down and they seem to have a handle on it. But economy is in very bad shape - which, however, means that there are lots of bargains to be had.

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