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Hotels in Hong Kong

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Above: harborview hotels in Wan Chai area above the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

There are lots of hotels in Hong Kong especially in tourist areas like Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Jordan, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok, and Wanchai. They vary quite a bit in prices and even have different prices in different periods - all depending on the demand and supply. For example, when there are some big conventions or exhibitions going on in the territory, the prices shoot up.

The expensive real estate in Hong Kong translates to smaller living space, and that includes hotel rooms. I don't know of any japanese-style "capsule hotels" in HK, but some budget hotels certainly don't have room for you to do cartwheels. And since different hotels call their rooms differently (some call their smallest standard size room "deluxe"), it's hard to know really how big they are until you're there. Just remember: you get what you pay for - sometimes even less!

Something else to know is how to interpret the location information about a hotel. The hotel may describe itself as just 30 minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui downtown by car and 35 minutes by their shuttle bus, but if you tell the local where you actually stay, to them it might as well be another city because it really takes a good hour or more by public transport. And the travel time given by the hotel may just be that in no traffic, which does happen in Hong Kong: after midnight and before 7am!

Another way a hotel would 'help' you interpret the location is giving the distance from downtown or the airport. But Hong Kong is so small that if you need to measure by miles/KM rather than MTR train stops, you can bet on its being far!

- TIPS - With so many hotels in Hong Kong, how should you choose? Well, we can give you a few tips on the location, room size, and view. more

Hotels in different areas

Since the advent of the MTR subway in Hong Kong, the locals started describing areas by the MTR stations, which certainly tells you the location of a place better than the real district itself. So we have adopted that as well to let you know what MTR station the hotel is nearest. After all that's the best mode of transportation around town.

Sometimes the name of the hotel could lead you 'astray' when you try to get there. L'H*tel Causeway Bay Harbour View is one of such - it's actually right across from the Tin Hau MTR station rather than the Causeway Bay one. But then sometimes a hotel is in between two stations, in which case we categorize it by the seat of our pants! After all this is just an unofficial guide!

Central hotels

Since Central is the central business district of HK, it's prime land, hotels there are those of 4 stars and up. These are some of them:

Admiralty hotels

Being an area next to Central, Admiralty also has very nice hotels.

  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • Conrad
  • Shangri-La

Wanchai hotels

Slightly farther away from Central but adjacent to Causeway Bay, Wan Chai has a mix of hotels of different grades. But it has some nice harborview hotels.

  • Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Hotel
  • Renaissance Harbor View
  • Gloucester Luk Kwok Hotel
  • Hotel Novotel Hong Kong Century
  • The Harbourview Hong Kong
  • The Fleming Hong Kong Hotel
  • South Pacific Hotel
  • Empire Hotel Hong Kong Hotel
  • Fraser Suites Hong Kong Hotel
  • Metro Park Hotel Wanchai
(Wan Chai map)

Causeway Bay hotels

If you like to shop, staying in a hotel in Causeway Bay would mean saving much travel time.

(Causeway Bay map)

Tin Hau hotels

Being just next to Causeway Bay, Tin Hau is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the neon lights and buzzling crowds.

Fortress Hill hotels

North Point hotels

Quarry Bay hotels

Tai Koo hotels

Tsim Sha Tsui hotels

Tsim Sha Tsui, aka TST, has lots of hotels of all kinds and plenty of shopping and tourist attractions. Besides, it's just a Star Ferry ride to the Hong Kong Island.

Above: Intercontinental Hong Kong at the edge of the
Victoria Harbor, a bona fide harborview hotel.
(Tsim Sha Tsui map)

Jordan hotels

Yau Ma Tei hotels

  • Eaton Hotel
  • Salvation Army Booth Lodge
  • Caritas Bianchi Lodge

Mongkok hotels

(Mongkok map)

Prince Edward hotels

Lantau Island hotels


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