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questions / comments Every good website should have a F.A.Q. page, so here you are...
  • How much does it cost for a family to live in Hong Kong?

    If you really want to know, a lot is our answer. It costs a lot of money, and a lot depends on you.

    Some people don't mind staying in a small flat and can live on just rice and vegetables and fish, while some can't imagine not having a room for each child plus a study, a sun room, a den, a formal dining, and a kitchen big enough for the whole family to eat breakfast in - not to mention the walk-in closet and a cellar for their wine.

    If you really want to know, send us your detailed financial profile and we can contract a financial consultant to do some excellent evaluation and planning for you. It won't cost you much more than an arm and a leg. By the way, there is no warranty whatsoever on our service. In other words, you don't get your arm or your leg back under any circumstance.

  • Can you suggest an inexpensive hotel in a convenient location?

    Everything is relative. What is convenient to someone attending a conference at the AsiaWorld-Expo will not be convenient to someone whose main interest is the Repulse Bay beach. Besides, what is considered inexpensive in Hong Kong could be outrageous to you. Nevertheless we recommend that you check our pages on budget hotels and cheap hotels.
  • What is the hotel closest to Repulse Bay?

    None that we know of.
  • Where can we buy imitation watches, fake LV bags, pirated software and DVDs?

    Just ask any police or customs officer. They would be most privy to this subject.
  • How can we support

    Glad you're thinking about that! Other than linking to our pages, here're a few ways:
  • Can we advertise on

    There're a couple of ways. Contact us for the rate of placing your ad on a specific page for 3 months or more. Or you can sign up for AdWords on Google and you can advertize on our site right away. You can even specify in which sections to have your ads appear.

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