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Above: outside The Arcade, the shopping center at Cyberport.

Though it was designed to be the the hub of high tech development and industries, Cyberport in the Pok Fu Lam area of Hong Kong Island became the hide-out for those with means. A look at the prices of the Cyberport residential flats and the deserted offices and conference rooms gives one some idea. And don't expect to find too many computer stores there.

But if you are tired of the crowds of Hong Kong, Cyberport is a great place to go. While Mongkok and Causeway Bay are filled with people on a Saturday night, The Arcade, the shopping center at Cyberport, is quite deserted. No lines at its restaurants.

Though it is located on the western edge of Hong Kong Island, it is fairly easily accessible. A short 15-minute mini-bus ride from Causeway Bay is all it takes (green mini-bus route 69X).

Above: inside The Arcade, the shopping center.

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