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Singapore City Guide

Singapore, the garden city of Southeast Asia, has plenty of greenery all year around to go with the year-round warm weather. It does get hot at times, but then there is the rain to cool things off. Being just about 3.5 hours of flight-time from Hong Kong, it is a nice destination to hop to.

If you have lived in or visited other parts of the world, one thing you will appreciate about Singapore is how safe a city it is. But then if you are the one who likes to live on the edge, beware! Even corporal punishment is awaiting you in addition to other more serious ones where you lose more than just some skin. (2009.8.22)

Sights & Attractions
Singapore may not be a huge place, but there're enough attractions to see for a few days. Besides, the Grand Prix F1 race is held there as well. more
Above: Merlion, the Singapore
icon in downtown
Eating in Singapore
If you like spicy food, you'll find all your friends in Singapore. But of course there're other flavors too, if you can still taste them. more
Above: Chili crab, a local
favorite dish
There's plenty of shopping especially around central Singapore. more
Above: Esplanade and surrounding
buildings in downtown Singapore
You'll love the MRT subway train system. You can even ride it to and from the airport. more
Above: a pessenger in front of
an MRT train in Singapore

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