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Hong Kong Style BBQ

Here I am not talking about the kind of food that you buy, but the way people in Hong Kong do barbeques.

It is usually done at some country park and it is different from the North American style in that each person gets to be the cook for him/herself.

A long two-pronged fork is the weapon of choice, and chicken wings, steaks, franks, are the usual items on the menu. Sweet potatoes and corn are the usual side dishes. However, few have heard of "somemores"!

Usually the "stove" is already there at the location constructed with concrete or bricks, and the participants just need to bring charcoal and the food and drinks. Of course, a lighter or a box of matches will come in handy. (All the supplies are available at any bigger supermarket.) The boyscout-want-to-be's would always insist on setting the fire without the aide of flammable liquids even if it takes 3 hours to do it, while the practical will just soak the charcoal with ample squirts of lighter fluid. Just stand back when the latter clicks the lighter to give it the first spark!

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