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Kevin Kavanagh - 2004.10.31 at 07:15:07
Comments :
Hi...really like your site. It's surprising how hard it is to find info on HK like this - a good unofficial site from an insider. I'm just getting into creating webpages myself and now your site has inspired me to want to create something similar for Bangkok - (because I lived there for 4 years, speak Thai etc.). One thing I noticed was the lack of advertising on your pages and maybe you have reasons for that but seems to me a few judiciously placed ads from Honk kong companies (restaurants, bars, hotels etc) wouldn't spoil the overall slant. Maybe I'm just being a rampant capitalist but seems to me a good site like this deserves to be making you money!

Jenny Woo
- 08/23/00 09:39
Comments : This sight has a lot of good stuff.
Likes : All the information. The section w/the language part was cute, hehe.
To Be Changed : nothing!
Ms Li - 07/22/00 21:13:46
My URL :http://www.geocities.com/schlieremer

Comments :
hi, Very nice page, quite informativ. I also like photographing.
Jami Sawyer - 06/16/00 04:02
Comments : I love your web page, it was extremely helpful. I am going with my husband (who is going for business) for 2 weeks. I have looked for days for some info that was helpful and your site was great. Good job on the work you have done it was wonderful.
Clarence T. Mulberry - 03/02/00 03:50:25
My URL:http://members.dencity.com/sorethumbinchina/
My Email:sorethumbinchina@yahoo.com

Comments :
Your thoroughness amazes me. I lived in Shenzhen last year - ever been?

yeþim yýlmaz - 12/27/99 20:34:59
My Email:y.yilmaz@superonline.com

Comments :
Nice one.I like it.

adam - 12/03/99 11:45:16

Comments :
thanks matey, what a great site!

Jeff Lee - 11/01/99 22:38:30
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/la/hypergeoff
My Email:leegeoff@yahoo.com

Comments :
I love your photos, brings back so many memories for me!!
Steve Wible - 09/18/99 14:14:23

Comments :
COOL WEBPAGE!!!!!! ||:--)

Gretchen Schwab - 09/06/99 15:41:02
My Email:tangledcolors@prodigy.net

Comments :
Loved your surprise ending. Glad you wrote (even if you didn't say much0!!

End Time Ministries - 07/20/99 17:24:00
My URL:http://www.etm.org
My Email:info@etm.org

Comments :
Just saying hello from New Jersey! Be Blessed!

Jo - 07/09/99 11:15:58
My URL:http://travel.to/hkcity
My Email:hkcity@unforgettable.com

Comments :
Hiya your homepage's excellent! Recently I did a site to promote the tourism of HK for my school coursework and it's crap. I just copied everything from HKTA booklets........... But anyway~ Good job!

Clare Li - 07/07/99 18:53:07
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Flats/3927/new_.html
My Email:clareli@hotmail.com

Comments :
Cool page, very beautiful, I like it so much!

Jean Lim - 07/05/99 23:16:56
My URL:http://www.asiaonline.net.hk/~jeanlim

Comments :
I must say you have a very nice homepage. Keep up the great work

raul bautista - 06/30/99 15:05:24

Comments :
I just came from Hong Kong and I stuffed myself with those super delicious egg tarts you featured in your web site. Would it be asking too much if I ask you to email me a recipe of the egg tart? I would appreciate it more than I can say if you can give me this recipe. Thank you and all the best!

Rosabella - 06/06/99 20:37:01
My Email:meowmeow47@hotmail.com

Comments :
Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I wonder how you could find the time to do that. Might be the mustache helps.) You are right that Chinese language is tonal, and the deadly complicated Cantonese has got 9 tones. You know what, I recently realized that we have to make a cow face to say the word cow/ox; pig face for the word pig; fish face for fish... I am also thinking about the written characters...Hmm Do you think visitors would be interested to know some of our pictoragraphs?

David Chin - 05/25/99 03:55:15
My Email:deeewood@webtv.net

Comments :
Hi , keep up the good work in the Lord. May God Richly Bless You!

Dabie Wee - 04/27/99 12:22:44
My Email:dabiewee@channeli.net

Comments :
Hellow, it was a surpise and a hard work. It was creative and thoughtful, you must put lots of time and effort and I guess lots of people will find it is useful and interesting especially for the foreigner. By the way, Is that love story true?! Thanks for your sharing. I hope I can creat our own web one day! Emmanuel!

Cathy Eusebio - 03/30/99 18:07:37
My Email:cathye@esd.sgi.com

Comments :

Maria Luisa Portacio - 03/18/99 01:33:48
My Email:mlcp@hotmail.com

Comments :
you're great, your website had helped me a lot on my orientation regarding sights to see in Hong Kong. Samething thank you very much for the tips on what to be watchful and what are to be avoided. I started memorizing Hong Kong words that I could make use in my stay there on April 8 to 23. I'll be staying in Conrad International Hotel for those days, while Im having my training in FedEx Hong Kong HQ, I hope I could find some time to see you or call you. Thanks again. Congratulations you are great! Luisa (Babes8008-ICQ)

Leighton - 03/13/99 17:20:26
My Email:Leaves@aol.com

Comments :
Hi -- I LOVED the stories!! And even the home page is beautiful.. I'll come back and explore some more.

Eva - 02/02/99 13:37:56
My Email:eva@europe.com

Comments :
Greetings from Denmark. This is a gorgeous site. Hong Kong must be next destination... Wonderful stories...

Natalie/©f©f - 01/02/99 23:13:30
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Comments :
nice homepage!!! come visit mine too la!!!! ffӤH

mandy - 12/31/98 18:59:15
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/paris/louvre/9696
My Email:Rainy_blues@yahoo.com

Comments :
Hi.... i love hk and been there countless of times. Keep up the good work.!

cola-cat - 12/29/98 10:56:21
My URL:http://come.to/colacat
My Email:colacat@writeme.com

Comments :
Stories are touching and meaningful. ^_^

Pearl Webster - 12/08/98 21:16:15
My Email:srqz92a@prodigy.com or pwebster@bracepatt.com

Comments :
Hi, - Visiting your website brought back fond memories of when I lived there and also of our recent trip to Hong Kong. I wish I had known about it last month before Don and I came to visit! I found the website informative and very humorous. Excellent!

Rufina - 11/04/98 00:44:57
My Email:rufina@hkstar.com

Comments :
Can't really think of a word to describe how wonderful it is to view a creation inspired by God... Your site is very much appreciated! Thanks for being such a hospitable "cyber space" host of Hong Kong!

Cindy - 10/29/98 14:03:44

Comments :
Hey, I really like your website. I tried to access it long time ago, unsuccessfully with a wrong URL. But I have no problem this time. Thanks for the address. I will definitely refer people to it if they're visiting HK. In fact, I already forwarded it to my coworker who'll be visiting Hk in December. She checked it out and said it's very helpful.

Damien O'Hara - 09/23/98 14:31:01
My URL:http://www.scmp.com
My Email:pdamien@postnet.scmp.com

Comments :
Brilliant web site. I have been here for five years, and find your web site most definitive. Keep up the good work, fix your broken links. remove graphics, as text links can be just as good - and faster to load. I would also put sections on different web pages and have a text menu at both top and bottom (or a drop down list box) Nevertheless the content is quite good. Best Wishes Damien O'Hara South China Morning Post (PostNet)

Anne - 09/08/98 22:48:48
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/wa/anna14

Comments :
Great site for those seeking info on Hong Kong. With my relocation to HK ,found some very helpful hints. Thankyou.

me - 08/18/98 16:44:57
My Email:me@home

Comments :
Hello, thanks for the stories.

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