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I bought a teenager
a few months ago

He is from Japan but was brought up in the States. Maybe that's why he has acquired quite an individualistic personality.

Many people have said that I should get rid of him. But as I tell them, I have this love-hate relationship with him that is hard to break.

He is my 1977 pickup truck, Chuck. Why would I want a pickup truck? After sleeping on the hard cold floor for a few weeks, it dawned on me that a pickup truck was a multi-purpose workhorse that would be most useful to round up some furniture; for instance, a bed.

When I saw Chuck, perhaps I was not at a good mental stage to be truck-hunting: I was almost desperate. For one thing, to go to fellowships and Bible studies at night, a bicycle would promise more adventure than I was ready for. I also found out that it takes a car to find a car!

So when I saw that he was in good running condition, had only 45,000 miles, looked clean, and came with a big dimple on the door free of charge, I was eager to become the proud owner.

The trustworthy (so I thought) seller's telling me about another buyer ready to put a deposit on it conjured up a picture of my missing out again because of my indecisiveness.

So I bit the bullet and took Chuck in. (Since then I have been wondering if I am the one taken in.)

Actually he is not a bad truck for a teenager, just a bit too independent. He has a mind of his own when it comes to his radio. It comes on when he feels like it. And he thinks one station fits all.

He doesn't like to answer to anybody. I discovered this when I needed to use the horn once - fortunately my defensive driving stills steered me out of that one. But being a creative missionary, a minor surgery on him solved this. I now blow his horn with the side of my left foot.

Sometimes he is quite a baby. One night on the high-way, he started screaming through the hood. My mechanic said not to worry about it until the alternator light came on. So I didn't.

Just when I thought Chuck was getting better as the scream turned into a whine, he started to misbehave and made noises on the highway. He seemed to be shedding some parts as I heard some clangs underneath. But then, who am I to say that he is not ok. After all, the professional told me that he was.

Other than these things, he runs quite well, but then, stopping is another story. If you are driving him on the highway and need to stop quick, you could swear that you have no brakes. But I assure you that they exist. I have seen them there.

I did take him in to get a few things fixed, but the professional told me nothing could be done, and that I should get rid of him. How could I? I bought him with a high price and I love my truck!

"My Teenager, Chuck - Creative Single Missionary Living 102"
Dec 1994.

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