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Hong Kong Park

Above: entrance to the Hong Kong Park in Admiralty area linked by escalators from Pacific Place.

Located in the middle of the city, the Hong Kong Park is a nice patch of green among the tall concrete buildings. Interesting features include a "mushroom fountain", an aviary, a restaurant, and a tower with over 150 steps to climb for a view of the surroundings.

If you want a nice photo of the Lippo Center, this is one place to go.


Near the entrance linked by the Pacific Place escalators is a pond with many turtles often seen sunbathing, watching passers-by, and posing for the ever-present photographers.

Hong Kong may not have a decent zoo, but the Hong Kong Park has an aviary that's worth checking out.

Enclosed by a huge net, the birds are free to fly round, watch the visitors, and choose whoever they want to dive-bomb! Seriously, it is quite a nice place to watch the birds close-up.

There're no doors at the entry to the aviary, just curtains to allow you into the world of the birds. (Left: entrance of the Hong Kong Park aviary.)

Above: visitors inside the aviary of Hong Kong Park engrossed in watching all the birds.
And with the popularity of digital cameras, you'll see photographers of all kinds, sometimes with some serious lenses, capturing all the fowl moves.
Among the residents in the aviary is this Einstein-looking bird, probably calculating flight paths and the angles of attack to get out of his prison. Yes, he gets much freedom and there's free food, but nonetheless it's a cage.

Above: a resident in the Hong Kong Park aviary enjoying a snack while watching the visitors.

Above: a sandpit with diggers for children to play with.
If you have kids, you would want to check out the playground. Unlike many other parks in Hong Kong, this one has playgrounds for different ages. And one unusual feature is a sand pit with diggers.

You can get to the park conveniently through the Pacific Place mall in Admiralty by some escalators. (Admiralty is a major exchange in the MTR subway system.) If you would like to get more exercise, you can walk up Cotton Tree Drive instead.

One thing to note: the park is built on a hill. Hence uphill walk is required to see everything, but it seems you can either take the stairs or take the winding paths if you have a stroller or wheelchair. (2008.12.27)




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