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"Bird Park"
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Mongkok

Above: a resident at the Mongkok Bird Park waiting to sing you a song.

Once upon a time, the bird vendors all had their shops on a street in Mongkok, but the government moved them into a little park near the Flower Market. It is officially known as the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden.

If you are looking for bird feed, either live (e.g. worms, grasshoppers) or otherwise, you can find them there. And there're many different styles of cages to choose from, in addition to the winged residents. If you just want to see different kinds of birds, a better place to go maybe the Hong Kong Park which has an aviary. (Left: a sample of the bird cages available.)


To get there, you can take the MTR and get off at the Prince Edward station. Get out of the station via exit B1 and walk East. Turn left at Sai Yee Street, then turn at first right into Flower Market Road. After walking the length of Flower Market Rd, on the left you will see the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden at the corner.

The shops close when it's time for the birds to go to bed - at dusk. (Right: a parrot waiting to talk to you, in Cantonese!)

Above: a parrot grooming itself in front of a shop, inviting a bid from passers-by.

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