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hk.NOSH - restaurant reviews
Tea Restaurants ("cha chaan tang")

Above: claypots outside a tea restaurant ready for dinner rush hour orders of claypot rice.

Make no mistake, "cha chaan tangs" - literally translated as tea restaurants - are not where you go "yum cha" and eat "dim sum". They are more like cafes or a Hong Kong version of the old main street cafes in the States where the neighborhood goes for some tasty meatloaf and mash potatoes and gravy - or the local versions of such.

"Cha chaan tangs" serve a variety of dishes; from pseudo-western to local Chinese, and from coffee to chicken feet soup, you can get them here. You can find somewhat western style breakfast and also won ton noodle. And claypot rice is one specialty poppular especially in cool weather.


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