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Working in Hong Kong

Above: buildings in Central, the central business district in Hong Kong.

If you would like to work in Hong Kong, be warned that the pace is very fast. If you don't like to work in Hong Kong but have no choice, you have my sympathy!

Knowing Cantonese or even Chinese is sometimes not necessary to work in Hong Kong. In fact there're plenty of expats working in Hong Kong who only know English - and may the names of their favorite dishes in Cantonese. And they are not English teachers.

There is quite a demand for overseas hires in the finance sector; private banking, investment banking, etc. (Unfortunately, the present economy has put a damper on that.) Of course if you are bilingual, you are very much sought after, especially if you know Mandarin.

There are a lot of head-hunters and recruitment agencies in Hong Kong, so if you have a decent resume, it won't hurt to drop your information to one of them and let them find you the right job.

If you have a degree in education, or in English, or journalism, etc., you should check out becoming a "NET" (i.e. native English teacher). For more information, check out Hong Kong government's Education Bureau's webpage on it.


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