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Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong
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Restaurants - Central District

Yu Mai Ka (noodles)
Habibi Cafe (Eygptian)
Nha Thrang (Vietnamese)
Tsim Jai Kee (noodles)
Dumpling Yuan (dumplings and Shanghainese snacks)
Lin Heung Tea House (Cantonese)
Yi Jiangnan (Jiangnan cuisine/Shanghainese/Beijing)
M at the Fringe (Australian)

Central district (CBD)

A deserted Chater Garden at night in Central district with the old supreme court building in the background.

City Hall and the HSBC building -
all dressed up but nowhere to go
The Central district is the central business district of Hong Kong. This is where banks, financial institutions, companies, corporations, and embassies like to have their headquarters located. As a result the real estate is prime of the prime. Left: City Hall and the HSBC building.

Some guy who got stood up
in the Chater Garden
There are a few interesting sections in 'Central', as this area is often referred to. The heart of it is the area with Statue Square sort of in the center of it. It can be defined by Man Yiu Street (with a pedestrian overpass) on the west, the Victoria Harbor on the north, the Murray Road on the east, and Des Voeux Road Central on the south. This section has the most open space.

See on map of Central


Jardine House
Here you can find the rustic former supreme court building, the War Memorial, the City Hall, the 50-storey high Jardine House with round windows, the Central Post Office, Chater Garden, and the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The old Star Ferry pier was just next to the City Hall, but has since been moved down the street near the IFC to make room for constructions and harbor reclamation.

Above: the former Supreme Court with light streams of passing cars and trams.

The Cheung Kong Center
To the south at the foothill and going up the hill is what we'll call the southern section. It's defined by Des Voeux Road Central on the north, Ice House Street on the west, Garden Road on the East, and the Lower Albert Road on the south.

Landmarks here include the HSBC building, the Cheung Kong Center, St. John's Catherdral, Standard Charter building, and the Court of Final Appeal.


Then there are the rest - the area with the Hong Kong station with the IFC 2 (second tallest building in Hong Kong for now, as of 2011.4.2), the Central Ferry Piers - where the new Star Ferry pier is, and the Exchange Square towers. And then there's the mixed commercial and business buildings and shopping area. The Mid-Levels Escalators start there somewhere near the Hang Seng Bank building. Of course, I can't leave out LKF i.e. Lan Kwai Fong, a cluster of restaurants and bars.
Tesla luxury sports cars charging up
Two hungry Teslas getting fed
One thing interesting for car enthusiasts: since Central is an area where the well-to-do roam, there's a higher concentration of luxury sports cars. In fact one can often see Teslas getting juiced up at the City Hall parking garage since it offers charging service for electric cars. I've seen it more than once. So if you are in the area, swing by and take a picture with the machine that can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds!

If you are into name brands, have your wallet ready. Central district has a lot of name brand stores. And then there's The Landmark, a shopping center in the middle of Central.
pawn shop, Hong KongHSBC headquartersrickshaws for sale
IFC 2, Hong Kong

Night skyline of Central District of Hong Kong. (The actual view is more beautiful!)
Tsim Sha Tsui promenade is where you can see this view.

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Hong Kong Central district map

hotel restaurant clusters

(updated 2011.4.1)
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