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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Medicine prescribed by an herbalist doctor usually is a mix of a number of ingredients varying from tree bark to snake skins. Shown above are dried toads of some sort.

It seems that just by feeling your pulse, an herbalist doctor can figure out your health conditions. Actually, they do more than that to diagnose.

Chinese herbal medicine has had a long history. There must be thousands of herbalist doctors and herbal medicine shops in Hong Kong.

A few years ago the Hong Kong government started a certification process for all herbalist practioners, and there are herbalist doctors out-patient clinics in public hospitals.

It is generally believed that herbalist doctors are good at treating the source of illnesses rather than just treating the symptoms. But it does take a bit longer.

A general problem faced by the locals seeking treatment from an herbalist is finding and knowing a good one - just like finding a good doctor in the west, I guess.

In the past a patient had to cook the medicine in water for an hour before taking it. Nowadays there are herbalist doctors who can give patients sachets of ingredients for a quick instant cup of "bitter tea" (as the medicine is generally refered to here).

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