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Flower Market
florist & flower shops

Above: flower shops at the Mongkok Flower Market in Prince Edward.

If you are shopping for flowers, plants, and horticulture accessories in Hong Kong, the flower market is a great place to visit. Located near the Prince Edward MTR station (served by both the green and red lines), there is one whole street and side streets all lined with florists and flower shops filled with all kinds of flowers and plants. There are also florists selling bouquets and flower arrangements.

Look for Flower Market Road once you are in the vicinity of the Prince Edward MTR station. The shops start closing up after dark. So go before then!

Something interesting to note in Hong Kong are the two different kinds of flower shops - those for the living, and ones for those who have rested in peace. The latter tend to cluster around funeral homes. I don't think the locals would get flowers for the living from those. You probably should not start either! But I have seen shops with products catering to both, usually not located near funeral homes though.

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