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"Goldfish Street" / Market

Tung Choi Street, Mongkok

Above: finned immigrants in their own temporary apartments on display at the Mongkok "Goldfish Market".

Even though the "Bird Street" has been relocated to the "Bird Park", the Goldfish Market, or the "Goldfish Street" as known by the locals, is still flourishing. Its real name is Tung Choi Street.

It got its nickname because of the large number of aquarium stores. With a whole two blocks worth of them, it's no doubt the largest cluster in Hong Kong. There're definitely more fish than people. If you can't find your pet fish there, you'll have to go catch your own out in the wild!

As you would expect, it is also the place for turtles, corals, fish food, fish tanks, and all kinds aquarium supplies. And if you would like to have a jelly fish for a pet, you can find one there too.

While you're shopping, you can also enjoy an aromatic local snack: stinky tofu. Just follow your nose and you'll find the shop! (2008.9.15)



The shops can be found on the stretch of Tung Choi Street between Prince Edward Road West and Mong Kok Road. Hence it can be easily reached from all three MTR stations: Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Mong Kok East.

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