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Travel Accessories

to take on a trip

Above: captured by our candid camera, a beauty catching some sleep at the airport. Was that you?

When you prepare for your trip, here are some items you might want to consider:

  • earplugs - if you're taking a long flight and end up sitting near an infant, you'll thank me for this. In fact even without kids around, they make for a much quieter flight. If the kids ARE yours, maybe you should get a dozen pairs to pass out to those sitting around you!

  • neck pillow - I don't fly without one nowadays because it allows me to catch some needed shut-eye. In fact for long flights, I make sure I take two - just in case one leaks.

  • small sized toiletry - you don't even save some luggage weight quota, airports don't allow but small bottles of shampoo and toothpaste in carry-on.

  • surgical masks - planes are notorious for catching germs since the air conditioning is a closed system.

  • parachute - if you are considering this, maybe you should just take a cruise ship, but then you have to take along your personal life jacket, life raft, and satellite phone - just in case!


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