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    Q & A questions/comments
    2007.6.7 at 07:28:16

    Getting from airport to Disneyland
    Things I like about this web site : This site is very informative, helpful and very easy to navigate. The pictures are wonderful and the lay out is very nice
    Comments / Questions:
    Hi! I am traveling to HK on August with my husband and my 8 year old boy from the Philippines. I would like to know how will I get to Disney Holliwood Hotel from the airport, the easy and cheapest way? Also how will get to MetroPark Hotel Mongkok, Kowloon from Disney Hlwd Hotel? Can we also explore the Ocean Park for a half day? My son intends to buy PSP and and ipod, where can we get a good bargain that has a warantee? I have been to Hongkong several times but the last trip I had was in 1997 and I think this site is very much helpful and very informative. Thank you. -Renee
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    Hi, Renee,

    Thank you for your message.

    According to Disney Hollywood Hotel's webpage, it is within walking distance from the Disneyland. But after doing a bit of research, unless there are shuttle buses from the hotel itself, it seems that there is no inexpensive solution.

    You could take the E32 airport bus and then change to the bus number R8 at the Lantau Link Toll Plaza. This way it will cost just HK$10+$6 = HK$16 per adult and HK$5+3 = HK$8 for the child. Hence by bus it is a total of HK$40 (about US$5.50) for 2 adults and a child. It is quite troublesome when you have lugguage. There are usually very few people at the Lantau Link Toll Plaza bus stops. (For more info: follow the Disney link on this page.)

    According to information found at the hotel's website, taking a blue taxi from the airport will cost about HK$100 (plus charges for luggage). It may be a good idea. After all you are on vacation! (See this page.)

    To get to the MetroPark Hotel Mongkok, for HK$32 per adult, bus R21 is probably the cheapest solution. According to the CityBus webpage, there is a stop in front of the hotel (See this Disney page & this CityBus page.)

    Yes, of course you can visit Ocean Park for half a day, but according to the Ocean Park website, there is just one price for admission - no half-day passes. (See Ocean Park website for more details.)

    To get PSP and iPod with a waranty, I would suggest you to go to a chain store (see this page) because it is not worth getting a bargain when you may get a lemon. But if you like the risk factor, the Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po is where you want to check out.

    Have a great trip!

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    Please write a review on Amazon about this website.

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