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Noon Day Gun

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

A real cannon is fired off at noon everyday at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter/Marina! (Left: cannons at the Noon Day Gun site, but the one fired is not among these.)

You can get there either via Victoria Park or through a tunnel next to the Excelcior Hotel.

I prefer the way through Victoria Park because you go over a footbridge above a busy main road rather than going underground where there's nothing much to see - except late at night when you might want to be adventurous! (2008.9)


Below: footbridge leading to the
Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter.

Above right: the bell at the site.
Above: Victoria Park Road under the footbridge leading to the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Above: Tunnel leading to the Noon Day Gun site..

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