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Star Ferry Pier & Clock Tower
a new version of the old

Above: new Star Ferry Pier at Central Ferry Pier 7 with various buildings and hotels in the background (2007.4.29).

new Star Ferry pier and clock towerThe new Star Ferry pier, a new version of the old one some decades ago, is located at pier 7 of the Central Ferry Pier, across from the IFC (International Finance Center) in Central district.

It is much bigger than the one it replaced and has many more shops. There's even a harborview candle light restaurant. The promenade is also a nice addition. It is also more user-friendly to the disabled. (2008.11.7)
(More about the Star Ferry)


Right: new Star Ferry Pier at Central Ferry Pier 7 with the Central Plaza in the background

Above: a passenger taking a photograph of a Star Ferry from the waiting area inside the Star Ferry Pier in Central on a misty day.

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