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Victoria Peak

View from a pavilion near the Peak Tower at Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak, Hong KongVictoria Peak, Hong Kong
View of HK's skyscraper forrest from Victoria Peak during the day

View of HK's skyscraper forrest from Victoria Peak

The velvety view from Victoria Peak at night

Velvety night view from Victoria Peak

A tram arriving at the Peak

A tram arriving at the Peak

Peak Tower Peak Tower
The Peak Tower, housing restaurants with unbelievable views

The Peak Tower has restaurants with a view

Generally known by the locals as the Peak, Victoria Peak is another postcard scenery.

It is where you can see Kowloon from a hill across the Victoria harbor with buildings on Hong Kong Island in the foreground. The view is breathtaking, especially at the right spot and in good weather at night.

In clear weather not only can you see the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront across the Victoria Harbor, you can also see the areas north of it - like Mongkok, and the hills (e.g. Lion Rock
The Lion Rock
) seperating Kowloon from Shatin and the New Territories.

You should take the Peak Tram up to the Victoria Peak. It's an interesting ride straight up the mountain - at least it feels like it! But go on a clear day or else whether you're at the right or wrong spot, you will still get the wrong view - fog and mist! And try to ride on the right side of the tram (the side closest to the entrances): you will get a better view!

Peak Tower Peak Tower
The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower at Victoria Peak

The Peak Tram station on the Peak is located inside the Peak Tower. The building itself is worth mentioning. It was designed to look like something a few decades ago - an ancient Chinese chalice? It looked like an oval hamburger on stilts. It sure looked like something.

The new design, as pictured to the left and below, is also something else. What it is, I'm not sure. It is quite one of a kind.

Inside the Peak Tower there are shops, restaurants, a wax museum, plus an observation deck. There is even a hamburger fast food restaurant with a balcony that has a view down toward the harbor. The view is worth much more than what you pay for your meal for sure. And then across the street there is its rival McD with not much of a view. (2015.5) (Left: Peak Tower)

At the top of Peak Tower is an observation deck to see the great view, but there's now a fee charged. But then, you can get a free view in a pavilion just yards down the road. (2015.5)

The best time to go to the Victoria Peak is later afternoon on a clear day. Stay there to see the scenery change from daytime to dusk and to nighttime. Like I said, the worst time to go is when it is rainy, cloudy, or smoggy. There'll be no view to speak of.


tourist snapping a shot Even on a not so clear day, the view gets captured into memory.
coffee shop on the Peak with a view
Other than snapping a few photos, there're other things to do on the Peak.
open-top bus ride to Peak Tram station
To get to Victoria Peak, you can first ride the open-top bus to the Peak Tram station from Star Ferry.

Victoria Peak map

(updated 2011.4.16)


To get to the Peak Tram terminus to ride it up to Victoria Peak, there is a bus that can take you from in front of the Star Ferry pier in Central on Hong Kong Island. It's often an open top double-decker bus - your kids will love it... until it rains - then they'll really love it! more about bus to Peak Tram FOR KIDS

If you prefer not to ride the tram, you can take bus number 15 from Exchange Square in Central district. On Sundays and public holidays, there's also bus number 15B from the Tin Hau bus terminal - just above the MTR Tin Hau station. (The bus passes through Causeway Bay on its way). But do check its hours of operation first. It seems that it only runs between noon and 7 pm on Sundays and public holidays.


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