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Above: a snake in a snake restaurant waiting for snake soup customers

Sham Shui Po

When tourists talk about Sham Shui Po, it is probably in relation to the Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Shopping Center. After all, computer products and video game shopping there have become known worldwide. But actually there are more.

There's a street market on Ap Liu Street known for second hand electronic goods and all kinds of stuff. Then there are street stalls selling jeans and other inexpensive casual wear.

Sham Shui Po is conveniently accessible via the MTR station. Just go to the Sham Shui Po station on the red line. (2008.7.1)

Among other things there's a small snake store cum restaurant on Ap Liu Street. It's the store that's small. The snakes? Well, you'll just have to find out. (Right: 'snake whips' for sale at the snake restaurant. Use your imagination to figure out what it is.)

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