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Ap Liu Street market

Sham Shui Po district

Above: Ap Liu Street lined with stores and booths selling a variety of products, new and used.

Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, aka Apliu Street, is like a flea market and a electronics shopping center all at one place. There are probably over 100 stores on that street and the side streets connected to it. Then in the middle of the streets, there are stalls selling both new and pre-owned stuff. Here is a list of the kind of products found in the area: (as of 2008.7.1)

  • audio equipment e.g. mixers, microphones (new)
  • automobile paraphernalia (new)
  • camera lenses (used)
  • cameras (used)
  • cell phones (new / used)
  • clothing (new / used)
  • consumer electronics (new / used)
  • electrical appliances (used)
  • electronic parts (new)
  • fishing rods (new)
  • florescent light tube, different colors, shapes, and sizes (new)

  • ham radio and equipment (new)
  • hand tools (new / used)
  • hi-fi (new / used)
  • phones, wired or wireless (new / used)
  • photographic accessories (new)
  • pots and pans (used)
  • power tools (used)
  • radio-controlled toys (new)
  • remote controls for TV, hi-fi, air-conditioners (new / used)
  • satellite dishes and reception equipment (new)
  • security monitoring equipment (new)
  • telescopes and binoculars (new)
  • TV sets (used)
  • tripods and monopods (new)
  • walki-talkies (new)
  • watches (used)
  • a live kitten (looks quite new!)


It is right outside the Sham Shui Po MTR station.


A word of caution - since it is a crowded place, watch your belongings like a hawk!

Above: the clothing section of Ap Liu Street.

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