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Yum Yum Desserts

Hong Kong Food Adventure Video

Being at the crossroads of the east and the west, Hong Kong has restaurants and cafes serving food from all over. Desserts are no exception.

Even though the Chinese people are not known for eating a lot of sweets, there're some dessert dishes that are handed down from one generation to the next. They bring back warm and fuzzy feelings since they're often reminders of the old days when parents or even grand parents cook them as afternoon or late night treats. Some of such are 'tong yuen' (glutenous rice balls filled with black sesame paste or peanut butter), yam sweet soup, egg and lotus seed sweet soup, walnut sweet soup, peanut sweet soup, black sesame sweet soup... and the list goes on.

Here in the video above are a few plus some western ones like crepes and egg tarts.

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