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Revolving Restaurant

'R66' in Hopewell Center

Overlook Hong Kong from the 62nd floor while enjoying a meal, that's what you get to do in this revolving restaurant.

It is located in the Hopewell Center, which is just a 10 minute walk from the MTR Wan Chai station (go south from the MTR station). Although the building is no longer the tallest in Hong Kong, the view from 62nd floor is spectacular, especially on a clear evening.

Your table takes about one and a half hours to go around once. Can you feel it moving? Yes, a little, so if anyone in your party gets dizzy easily, you may have to skip it. And don't miss the scenic elevator ride.


According to their website, they are under renovation until winter 2011. (as of 2011.9.16)

Above: view from the most enjoyable elevator ride.

Above: one of the views from the restaurant.


You can either take a taxi or the MTR subway.


62/F., Hopewell Center
183 Queen's Rd. East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.


  1. Get off at Wan Chai station of the dark blue line.
  2. Take exit A3 to Johnston Road
  3. Go straight and cross the road (Johnston Rd)
  4. Turn right and walk along Johnston Rd (going West)
  5. Turn left into Spring Garden Lane, then at the fork follow the right fork
  6. The next major street is Queen's Rd East (with a pedestrian traffic light). Hopewell center will be in front of you slightly to the right.

Wan Chai map

(updated 2011.6.18)
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