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Wan Chai Street Market

Above: Tai Yuen street market in Wan Chai

Tai Yuen St street market, Wan ChaiTai Yuen St street market, Wan Chai
Above: Tai Yuen St. street market in Wan Chai viewed from Jonston Rd.

Above: view of the Wan Chai
street market from Johnston Road.

Above: a marinated duck store in the street market.
Like many areas in Hong Kong, Wan Chai has a mix of the modern and the traditional. This street market is a typical place where the locals shop for a variety of household goods like china, clothing, and odds and ends. In addition, there're butcher shops, vegetable stalls, fruit stalls, and the like.

It is directly south of the Wanchai MTR station. Part of it is on Tai Yuen Street which is perpendicular to the Johnston Road along which the trams run in this part of Hong Kong Island.


Above: Wan Chai Tai Yuen street market with all kinds of goods.
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