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"Ladies Market" / "Women Street"

Tung Choi Street, Mongkok

Ladies Market in Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Ladies Market in Mong Kok - the main "thoroughfare" of Ladies Market, with stalls on both sides.

Located in the heart of Mongkok District, the section of Tung Choi Street between Argyle Street and Dundas Street is known by the locals as "Ladies Market" or "Women's Street".

The street probably started out as a street where the local women went shopping for bargain clothing, small household items, and stuff that typically women would shop for.

Nowadays, it is mainly "soft" goods that you would find there - clothing, clothing, and clothing. Well, there are also dolls, small rugs, towels, popouri, etc.; items that most men don't write home about. (But then, there're some watches and stuff.) But fear not! The Mongkok Computer Shopping Center is just around the corner, and one street over is Sai Yeung Choi Street South with many stores selling consumer electronics like digital cameras!

A T-shirt stall in Ladies Market; if you can't find a Hong Kong T-shirt you like there, you need to design your own!


The Ladies' Market is easily accessible by MTR, buses, or taxis. Of course the MTR is the most convenient.

Route 1

  1. Ride the MTR to the Mong Kok station on the red line (not the Mong Kok East station) and get off.
  2. Get out of the station through exit D3.
  3. Once above ground, do a U-turn and walk a few steps back to Argyle Street. Then turn right.
  4. Turn right again at the next cross street, Tung Choi Street. You're at Ladies' Market.

Route 2

  1. Ride the MTR to the Mong Kok station on the red line (not the Mong Kok East station) and get off.
  2. Get out of the station through exit E2.
  3. Once above ground, go straight.
  4. Pass the first cross street which is Sai Yueng Choi Street South.
  5. The next cross street is Tung Choi Street. You're at Ladies' Market. You can either go right or left - the market runs for 1 block to the left and 3 blocks to the right.

Nearby Attractions

Mongkok Computer Center

A shopping center dedicated to electronics products

Langham Place

A shopping mall and hotel complex

Goldfish Market

A street full of aquarium and tropical fish stores

Sai Yeung Choi St. South

A street with many consumer electronics stores and other shops

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