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Hong Kong Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas decorations in Statue Square of Central district, Hong Kong Island

Short on Christmas gift ideas? We all need some fresh ideas from time to time. After all, different people have different tastes. Not to mention the fact that those from Mars & those from Venus might have very different ideas.

In fact, someone has said that people feel loved differently (they call them 'love languages'). Some may feel more loved when they are provided for. Some may feel more loved when people do things for them. Then others would feel more loved when others spend time with them. We can't tell you what your loved ones like the most, but we can give a few ideas for gifts in different categories so that you can choose.

  • Flight simulator session - a lot of guys would love it, but it ain't cheap! The Mega Box mall in Kowloon Bay has it. $$$$
  • Helicopter ride - you can either charter the whole chopper or just go as individual passengers. Option of tour of Hong Kong and trip to Macau. $$$$
  • LED high-power flashlight $$$
  • Nice dinner in a romantic setting e.g. Murray House in Stanley, restaurant at The Repulse Bay, restaurant at Peak Tower on Victoria Peak $$$
  • A smart phone $$$$
  • A trip to the paintball war game - Kowloon Bay (Paintball Headquarters) $$$
  • Ski trip in Korea $$$$$
  • A hot-springs trip to Taiwan $$$$
  • A massage session or two$$
  • An e-book by his/her favorite author $$
  • Custom-designed T-shirt / shoes / bag $$$
  • An app for his/her phone $
  • A hand-made bag from a social enterprise $$
  • A scarf embroidered with his/her name or initials $$$
  • A dance lesson for two $$$
  • A trip on a Chinese junk plus a meal on board or on Lamma Island $$$$
  • Painting/art jam session $$
  • Dinner theatre $$$
  • Murder mystery dinner theatre $$$
  • Escape room $$$

People like to know that they are special. And in this world where everything is printed and virtual - think about it: e-mail, social media... they are all electronic. We are lost in an impersonal sea of electronic ink. Write a note or a card in your own handwriting and make it unique and personal. Your handwriting itself is very personal. Say something affirming and encouraging (verbal affirmation is one of the love languages, by the way). It is particularly lacking in Hong Kong.

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