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Souvenir and Gift Ideas

for tourists shopping in Hong Kong

Above: "dim sum" refrigertor magnets

Shopping for gifts and souvenirs for family and friends back home? Here are some suggestions:

  • tea set

    - there are so many styles of teapot and teacup sets that it will not be easy to decide!
  • abacus

    - there are real abacuses that some locals still use, especially in herbal medicine shops, and also little credit card size gold-plated metal ones for fun. It makes a great gift for an accountant friend. The full size ones can be found at stationery stores inexpensively.
  • silk scarves and pajamas

    - in good supply at TST and Stanley Market.
  • Chinese style children clothing

    - available in souvenir shops in TST and Stanley Market, and also available at hawker stalls in Sham Shui Po, and Mongkok Ladies' Market.
  • embroidery

    - there are two-sided translucent ones that are delicate and beautiful: the design (a kitten, an eagle, etc.) can be seen on both sides. They are usually framed and mounted on a rotating stand. (Could be found at Yue Hwa Chinese Products store, one store location is Jordan at the intersection of Nathan Rd and Jordan Rd. Probably available at Stanley Market as well.)

  • chopsticks and chopstick rests

    - there are some nice ones in boxes (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.)
  • chopsticks and placemat sets

    - nice embroidered placemats, but some don't come with nice chopsticks (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.)
  • silk table runners

    - with Chinese patterns of flowers, Chinese writings, etc. (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.)
  • small silk jewelry purses

    - nice and soft (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.)
  • oriental vases

    - TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa, Hollywood Road should all have them.
  • oriental mug

    - many with a lid and some even with a tea strainer, it is widely used by the locals. A great gift in the US$5-10 range. Available in many home supplies stores.
  • table cloth

    - TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.
  • T-shirts, sweat shirts

    - Get them at Ladies Market, Ap Liu Street, Wan Chai.
  • Chinese painting

    - Stanley Market is your best bet unless you want collectors' items
  • Chinese calligraphy brush set

    - they come with a wooded stand on which the brushes hang (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.)
  • stone seal

    - they can be carved with a person's name in Chinese a day or two (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa should all have them.) + see photo- hide photo
    stones for carving Chinese stone seals
  • oriental padlocks

    - great for oriental cabinets or just an addition to a friend's collection of knickknacks. (TST, Lascar Row aka Cat Street)
  • fridge magnets

    - e.g. little "dim sum" steamers as seen in photo at the top of this page (TST, Stanley Market, Yue Hwa, and even the airport should all have them.)
  • innovative local designs

    - nowadays the Design Gallery of the HK Trade Development Council also has some interesting local designs. They have a store in the HK Convention and Exhibition Center in Wan Chai.
Also see our Christmas gift ideas - they're not all just for Christmas. Some are good year-around.

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