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Hong Kong Fast Food

Above:Hong Kong Fast Food - the neon signs of a McDonald's Restaurant in Hong Kong captured.

When you think about a few million people eating lunch all at around the same time within an allotted time, you can appreciate the true meaning of "fast food restaurants". That's how it is in Hong Kong.

The fast food restaurants here run a production line that rivals any automated machine. In fact the efficiency does not stop at fast food restaurants. Even the "slow food" restaurants have to be well-greased to survive.

From the maitre d' who wears an earpiece connected to the walkie talkie, to the waitress who brings your bill plus the expected change even before you pull out your wallet to pay, everything is about speed and efficiency. After all, everyone here seems to have places to go and people to see!

Then there's another kind of fast food. For this you don't even sit down to eat. For HK$5 or $10, you can get fishballs on a stick, a grilled wiener, eggette waffle, baked sweet potato, drumstick, and also delicacies like stinky toufu and deep-fried pig skin.

You can find them in a lot of places, and popular shopping areas like Mongkok tend to have more of them.


Above Right: a storefront snack bar spotted in Wan Chai.

Here is a list of fast food chain restaurants in Hong Kong:

  • McDonald's - there are hundreds of them, sometimes more than one within a couple of blocks
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut - dine-in & delivery both; but the pizzas taste slightly different
  • Burger King - it seems there are not that many. There's one at the airport, one in North Point, and one in Tsim Sha Tsui spotted so far. (2008.12.24)
  • Oliver's - sandwiches and baked potatoes; there are a number of them
  • Deli France - breads, sandwiches, soup, etc.
  • Cafe De Coral - Chinese fast food with some western dishes
  • Fairwood - Chinese fast food with some western dishes
  • Maxim's Express / MX - Chinese fast food with some western dishes



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