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Fruits in Hong Kong

Above: fruits found at a fruit stall. From front to back, left to right - dragon fruit, peaches, lychee; middle row - papaya, 'lung gnan' / 'dragon eyes', lychee; back row - honeydew melons, bananas

Above: more fruits
Being in southeast Asia, Hong Kong gets a lot of fruits from surrounding areas in addition to those from all other regions of the world. Many of such are not easily found in North America. The best season would be summer time when there is a better variety.
durians Durian, imported from Thailand, Malaysia and other neighbor tropical countries, is one fruit banned in many vehicles and places in Singapore because of its pungent rotten smell. They are readily available in summer months in Hong Kong for you to enjoy! Just don't take it back to your hotel room unless you want to savor the aroma for the rest of your whole stay. Try it, you may even like it!

Above: lung ngan or 'dragon eyes'
What the locals call "lung gnan" ("dragon eyes", bottom left in the picture) is one I like. Sweet but not too sweet, it is refreshing in the summer time. Left: 'lung gnan' / 'dragon eyes'

Lychee, which you can find canned in North America, can be so sweet that the juice chokes your throat.


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