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Modern Toilet Restaurant

The Modern Toilet Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The Modern Toilet Restaurant is a restaurant with bathroom as the theme. The 'china', the cups, the seating, the decor, they all fit with that theme. Even the food - well at least the menu items in Chinese have a toilet taste to them! But the food is actually pretty good. So if you like to go to a one-of-a-kind restaurant and to have photos to tell your friends about it, stop by for a meal, a drink, or dessert. Of course, you certainly won't want to forget your camera.

Unfortunately, they seem to have pulled out of Hong Kong. So you'll have to go to their restaurant in Taipei or mainland China.

Served in your favorite bowl is a cuisine at the Modern Toilet Restaurant.

Causeway Bay map

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(updated 2011.3.19)


They HAD two locations: Mongkok, Causeway Bay. But it seems that both are now closed.

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