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Times Square

Causeway Bay

Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
With its big video screen and towering building, Times Square is a major landmark in Causeway Bay.

With an MTR exit built underneath it, it is easy to find even for tourists. Inside is a mall, a supermarket, some nice restaurants, and a cinema.

The large atrium in the mall gives a nice spacious feeling in crowded Hong Kong. The open square outside also does, but since it's a common spot for meeting up with friends, it gets a bit crowded, especially when it's hosting an exhibition or promotion. The square is also a location for the new year's eve countdown every year.



The easiest way to get to Times Square is by MTR. Get off the train at Causeway Bay. Then get out of the station by exit A.

When you get above ground, you will be right at the Times Square shopping mall.

You can also take the century-old tram to get there. Just take any one heading for Happy Valley and get off on Percival Street. Go west on Russel Street. Times Square is just one short block away from the tram track.

Right: Times Square has quite a few floors of shops.

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