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Hong Kong budget hotels

If you're looking for a budget hotel in Hong Kong, the first thing you'll need to know is: in HK, space is money, and so is convenience. So if you want both, the budget for your hotel bill needs to be adjusted accordingly. And there's something else that translates to money: good service.

Now that you have the basics, we can start.

What you need to know about Hong Kong hotels

  • Budget hotels are either far away from the popular sights and attractions and hence are not that convenient, or have very small rooms. In Hong Kong, convenience is spelled MTR - the subway metro train system. So you can tell whether a hotel is convenient or not by the hotel's description of where the closest MTR station is, not by where the airport is - unless if you'll be staying for just one night.

  • Sometimes even hotels not labeled as budget hotels have very small rooms - of course it's all relative: those living in HK may find their rooms big compared to their own 400 sq. ft. condo housing a family of 3 or 4.

  • There're a few different categories of tourist lodging in HK:
    • Hotels
    • Guest houses - their room rates seem to start at about HK$200-250 per night. Many of them have hourly rates. (Unfortunately, we have not been able to find the proper definitions of hotel vs guesthouses.)
    • Holiday flats - according to the list on the HK Government Office of Licensing Authority website, they are located only on Lamma Island, Cheung Chau Island, and Lantau Island i.e. far away from urban Hong Kong. They are often used by the locals for overnight getaways from the urban crowds. (2011.6.28)

      And unfortunately, over the years, sometimes some have been chosen by depressed people to end their lives by sleeping with lit charcoal stoves (carbon monoxide poisoning).

What we call budget hotels

We would define budget hotels as those where you could expect the following:
  • Front desk manned 24 hours around the clock
  • Licensed as a 'hotel' by the HK Government
  • The room rates are usually lower than the average HK hotel rates

  Budget Hotel List

The following are a list of budget hotels fitting our definition above - according to our limited and unofficial research:

Convenient / Semi-Convenient

A Ways from Major Attractions


HK budget hotels map

(updated 2011.7.2)
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