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Mid-Levels Escalators

Above: Mid-Levels Escalators in Central district of Hong Kong Island.

The "Mid-Levels Escalators" are a series of escalators going from Des Voeux Road in Central up to Conduit Road of the Mid-Levels (the mid section of the hill on Hong Kong Island). It just goes up and up and up!

Along the way, there are restaurants and shops, especially in the lower sections.

It takes about 20-25 minutes to take the escalators all the way up to Conduit Road.

Above: There are restaurants along the lower part of the escalators.

Be warned that the Mid-Levels Escalators run just one-way. In the morning it takes people down. In the evening, it takes people up. In between, it goes up. But there are stairs alongside for up or down traffic.

Hong Kong Central district map

hotel restaurant clusters

(updated 2011.4.1)


Here are the directions to get to the bottom of it to go up.

  1. Go to the Central station of the MTR (subway train)
  2. Take exit C
  3. Once you are on street level (Des Voeux Rd Central), turn left (going northwest).
  4. After 3 or 4 blocks, you will see Hang Seng Bank Headquarters building on your right (tall building with big rounded metalic corners), and Central Market (not operating as one now) on your left (sandwiched between Queen Victoria Street and Jubilee Street). You will also see two pedestrian bridges / skywalks in between overlooking Des Voeux Rd Central. Go up to the same level as the pedestrian bridges.
  5. Go southwest once you are upstairs along side the Central Market (away from Des Voeux Rd Central).
  6. At the other end of that building, you will find the connection to the escalators.

Alternative Route

Here is an easier way - partly air-conditioned, without walking on the street level, but a slightly longer route:

  1. From the MTR Central station, walk to the interconnected Hong Kong station of the Airport Express trains before exiting the turnstiles.
  2. Go to Exit E1 of the Airport Express Hong Kong station, which is at One IFC (International Finance Center). (Note: Exit E1 of Hong Kong station is different from that in the Central station. It should be a round indoor open space with a big round column in the middle.)
  3. There are two sets of glass doors, one facing northwest leading to the Four Seasons Hotel, while the other faces southwest (toward your left). Take the southwest doors (left) to the elevated pedestrian walkway outside.
  4. Continue southwest towards the Hang Seng Bank building.
  5. Continue southwest through the Hang Seng Bank building towards the Central Market (many stores in which are closed).
  6. Continue southwest through the Central Market. Once you are through it, you are at the Mid-Levels Escalators.
Note: you can get on or off the escalators at a number of cross streets: Lyndhurst Terrance, Hollywood Rd., Staunton St., Elgin St., Caine Rd., Robinson Rd., etc.

Scenery Along the Escalators

Above: the view from a landing part way up the Central Mid-Levels escalators.

Above: stairs along the Central Mid-Levels escalators near Caine Road.
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