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Summer Vacation in Hong Kong

Causeway Bay Marina
Above: Yachts and Chinese junk at Causeway Bay Marina
A summer vacation in Hong Kong can be filled with swimming, diving, boat rides, and island explorations, not to mention a day of fun and rides at Disneyland and another day of shows and rides at Ocean Park.

Here's a list of possible items to check out and put into your itinerary.

Evening Activities

Then of course, since Hong Kong is 'open' till late every night, in the evenings you can still do all the sightseeing and shopping you want - if you have the energy. Here're a few must's:

Summer Weather

Being in subtropical region, Hong Kong summers can be very hot and humid - in the upper 20's(C) / low 80's(F) with the relative humidity around 80%. What does that mean? Major perspiration! And then there are typhoons, but they don't come close too often. Even when they do, usually they're gone after 12 hours.

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