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Staying Connected

TV antennas on top of an old building in Causeway Bay

Internet kiosks inside the "paid" area of an MTR station
Staying connected with your loved ones is easy in Hong Kong. Cell phones, long distance calls, emails, and the good old snail mail are all at your disposal. But if you are still using homing pigeons, you might want to bring your own. Just be sure they don't end up on someone's dinner plate.
  • cell phones

    - you can rent one at the airport and a get a debit SIM card to put into the phone. If you run out of minutes, just top up the card at the thousands of stores that cell the top-up cards (e.g. convenient stores). Just be sure to get one from the same telecomm company! Another convenient service provided by them is a quick recharge of your phone, but then I don't know if they would be held responsible for any damages. If you want to use your own cell phone, it needs to be compatible to the local network. more about cell phones & mobile services
  • internet

    - most hotels offer internet access, either in the room or at their business center. But of course offering it doesn't necessarily mean it's free. There are also two coffee shop chains that have internet kiosks. There is also free internet access inside some MTR train stations (e.g. Wan Chai station, Central station, Kowloon Bay station, and probably some others), and in some larger post offices (e.g. Tsim Sha Tsui on Middle Road, but there may be just one terminal). If you need to have extended access, the Hong Kong Central Library in Causeway Bay is a good place to go - you can even use your own notebook computer there. They also offer free WiFi. There are some internet cafes but they are more common for gaming than tourists accessing email.
  • postal service

    - if you need to mail some postcards or letters, you can probably drop them off at your hotel front desk. If you need to post a parcel, there are many post offices at your service. Some are even open on the weekend. In Tsim Sha Tsui district, there are two. The bigger one is on Middle Road across from the KCR TST East station. In Central District, the Central Post Office is near the Jardine House (skyscraper with big round windows).

    For your information, there is no postal code (i.e. "ZIP" code in US) in use in Hong Kong.


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