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'Cube Shops' / Consignment Stores

Hong Kong micro malls

Above: 'cube shops' in Causeway Place, Causeway Bay.

Left: cube stores in Causeway Place, Causeway Bay
With how expensive real estate is in Hong Kong, it costs a mint to open a shop in popular shopping areas like Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. But with what the locals call 'cube shops', for just a few hundred HK dollars a month, anyone can get store space and open for business to sell on consignment. Each 'cube shop' occupies about one cubic foot. They are the micro malls of Hong Kong.

They operate very similar to big antique shops in US. You rent a little cubicle, or rather, a pigeon hole, put up whatever sign you want, display your goods with price tags attached, and the shopkeeper sells them for you. Well, actually, more likely they just collect the money and don't do much selling.

If you enjoy treasure-hunt kind of shopping, you would like this. After all each store probably has 100 little 'cube shops' inside, each selling something different. And some shopping centers have a bunch of this kind of stores. (Boy, it's getting confusing just describing these shops within shops within shops!) One such shopping center is the Causeway Place shopping center on Great George Street in Causeway Bay. You'll find more than one floor of such cube-shop stores.


Causeway Place shopping center is located at the intersection of Great George Street and Paterson Street in Causeway Bay. It's accessible by just about all kinds of transportation - buses, mini-buses, trams, MTR, and then of course taxis. The most convenient and fairly inexpensive would be the MTR. Just get off at the Causeway Bay stop on the blue line (HK Island line) and take exit E. Once you're above ground, Causeway Place is across the street slight off to the left.

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